Earth shook herself today
and man trembles.
She shook herself as I might shake
a tired hand or shrug a tightened shoulder.
An awesome power erupted destruction,
because she is – simply Earth.

Man’s feeble structures,
huts and mansions, autos and boats
were tossed about like the toys of children.
Harnessed nuclear power lies undone
by nature’s devastation. Erupted waves swept
across an ocean, to test another continent.

On an another eleventh day a decade earlier,
angry men created destruction, guiding planes
to flatten tall buildings and kill thousands.
Vengeance seekers have since wasted
a decade, their wealth, and their young.

We must not seed vengeance against Earth.
She never seeks to harm as men do.
Learn we must.
We cannot command her to our wishes.
We can only train ourselves to adapt
to Earth’s just and changeless nature.

(On the occasion of the Tohuko earthquake this date.
March 11, 2011)

Gus Daum


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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One Response to EARTH POWER

  1. C Ford says:

    Posted twice, but you probably already know that

    Also, is it really ” On an another day” or should it be “On another day”?

    It didn’t read well. BUT, the overall content was wonderful! I thought you were going to refer to the plane flying to Hiroshama, not to Iraq/Afgaanistan. I guess it doesn’t matter where we send our planes to kill innocent women and children….the message is the same:(:(

    Liked by 1 person

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