Hi, Y’all,

It’s good yer hearin from me and the missus agin’ this Christmastime. We hope yer gonna have a good time celebrating yerselfs.

The whole buncha us is getting together for this vacation time for eatin and drinkin. We got us a red hog fattened up to butcher, and Ma is grinding cornmeal and shelling a big ol batch of dried beans from her last summer gardenin. Good crop of apples this year, and cider has hardened up something special.

We’re not givin presents this year even to close kin. We’re shorta cash money, what with Ma being let go at the grocery. They wanted her there by eight a mornings. There was no way she could do that and fix me a hot breakfast. I’m workin hard trying to find her a new job with better hours.

Little Emma is president of her class again this year. Real proud! I’m home schoolin her til she’s ready for high school in a couple of years when she’s fifteen or so.

Our third boy, Wilbur, is away to school over to the state college, where he’s playin football on what they call a free ride. A warm room with two other guys, and three a day meals. Good fixins, he says. The free ride means they don’t charge him for schoolin or books or the special helper, tutor they call it, who takes his tests and such. They say he could do real good, even go pro for big bucks after he’s had a few years of college. If that don’t work out, he can always teach or go into business or such, I reckon.

My back is some better, but still not able to work at a job. Getting some disable pay, but the insurance company keeps sending me in for more tests and trying to cut my pay. But I know what to tell ‘em after taking the same tests fer over five years now.

I won the big winner cup at the bowling league tournament. I had two perfect games.

Oh, we heard Uncle Willy may be getting out early. Good behavur, I think they called it. Can you think of him behavin good? I can’t neither.

Sam and Emmaline

(writ up by one of my kinfolk, Gus Daum)


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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  1. sounds like a very nice family!!


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