Let us speak of joy,
those golden honeymoon times
when the sun shines warm on the back,
breezes waft softly enough to float butterflies,
and each tall weed escapes
behind waving clumps of grass.

Forget the sudden bringers of joy,
the gain of fortune which soon pales
beside another’s, the long awaited success
that festers with wanting of greater.
Joys that come from without wane soon.

The honeymoon phases in life come,
not just from the love of one,
though it might ease the wanting,
but from love of all,
knowing that the universe reacts in kind,
returning smile for smile,
and each star of darkened sky can
strive to be more radiant than its neighbor.

The search for the joy of well-being within
is mine to make, not in the path of another,
but with patience and vision
to seek and create my own path and joy.

Gus Daum
February 2012


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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