I revel in the unbridled freedom of the poet
Unfettered by mundane periods and commas
Having flung upper and lower case control
into the Fetid Depths of obsolescence
And Delegates the awesome responsibility
For deciphering his shades of meaning—
Is it that Sophocles of Ancient Greece
Or the new restaurant on Sixth Avenue

Yet he seeks to elicit interpretation by
perhaps an accountant, who last daringly
abandoned his green eyeshade and ink smeared fingers
in Loving embrace of the bits and bytes of Mr. Gates
Yet is still imprisoned by rules of the accounting kingdom
Debits must be always on the left and credits on the right
Assets must equal liabilities for entry to CPA Eden
He is further bound by a charlatan in Congress who decreed
the useful life of commercial buildings shall be
always thirty one and one-half years—unless
business use began after April of 1986 in
which case will be depreciated over forty years

Or an engineer, steeped in chemistry and thermodynamics
Calculations in integral calculus banned in Alabama until 1992
Faced by implacable coefficients of expansion
Myriad case hardened steels with exotic carbon contents
Awkward ambient temperatures varying the precise resulting
Earthquake strength dictated by limiting legislation
At this specific construction temperature and elevation

Even the attorney seeking scant solace
with shouted objections and building billable hours
In frenzied search of obscure case law
Settled in W E Jackson vs Maryland, circa 1832

My child, be wise and become a poet free
To write in abab or acac.
To adopt the message of revered Haiku
And leave the meaning up to you.

With sincere apologies to poets everywhere


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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