Winter’s brisk chill
surrounds, and fills the air

Only inflated memories remain
of springtime’s bright promise
in seed catalogs with their vision of
flowers; fruits beyond compare

The seeds grew to maturity,
plants produced and bloomed
and returned nature’s full bounty,
a product of their nurturing.

As summer faded into autumn
blossoms fell to earth,
plants shriveled away to
feed next summer’s soil

So it is with man’s winter.
Bones ache, joints creak, eyesight dims
Once the bright vision
in parents’ eyes; the child was
shaped by love and time
into a world beyond parent’s own

The child blooms into maturity,
He, too, produces and prospers
and fills his role until
late autumn fades away

As the cold of winter finds him,
has he fed next season’s soil?

Gus Daum


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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One Response to SEASONS

  1. C Ford says:

    What a wonderful comparison! Never thought about aging and growing crops through the seasons as similar……..


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