The music’s beauty invades
my heart, my head, and my soul,
with its rush of sound
enveloping my senses.

The driving strength of drum
and pulsing beat of bass viol
partners my own heartbeat
with its own reacting rhythm.

An artist at the piano follows
no visible score but hears or feels
melody as new and as old as life,
but reborn in his hands this day.

From where does music come?
The sigh of wind in trees,
the twitter of birds to their young,
or the soft murmurs of lover’s voice.

Born not in croon of clarinet,
nor vibrating strings of violin.
Music is always just waiting
to be captured in someone’s mind.

Gus Daum


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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2 Responses to THE MUSIC

  1. I would suggest mentioning the ‘heart’ more in this poem. Also not sure what a Viol is?


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