It’s so hard to be happy,
someone wisely said,
when you refuse to let go
of the things that make you sad.
So I choose instead to focus
on the things that make me glad.

I’m glad to be warm in winter,
to be cool in summer’s heat.
Time has dulled my taste buds,
but I’ve more than enough to eat.
I’ve a lifetime full of memories,
most of which are sweet.

The colored leaves of autumn,
the fresh bright greens of spring,
the varied fruit on roadside stands
that summer’s warmth will bring,
the smell of baking cookies
and the Christmas songs we sing.

Loved ones of another day,
friendships new and old
filled my life in yesteryear,
remain in mind so clear,
their presence crosses timelines
as though remaining here.

Gus Daum





About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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2 Responses to REMINISCENCE

  1. MaryJo Comins says:

    Wonderful reminder poem, Gus!


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