A mere lifetime ago,
a long life to be sure,
but in that near century of time,
technology has shrunk the world,
mankind’s horizons have broadened.

The prospect for peace has dimmed
as our differences have become more visible.
Seeing those differences has spawned fear,
more intense with the focus of nightly news
on gunfire, racial and foreign beings
said to be so different from us.

limits of distance exposed us to few
much different than ourselves in dress,
in language, in appearance, and religion.
Family members separated to form their own,
but seldom moved more than a day’s ride away.

That first world war, the first to end all wars, had ended,
The merchants of war had enjoyed the profits
a worldwide war had brought, and the military
was not innocent of greed for power and influence.

The Hawks and the Doves orate on.

us Daum


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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