Waking to the fading stillness
of the night’s pre-dawn,
I hear without listening,
wanting for the sleep that eludes.

Traffic sounds from without
are dimly muted by distance.
A pillow cushioned ear
magnifies my pulse beat,
its coursing flow of life’s fluid
seldom heard during the day,
and a toenail scratches loud
on the wear softened sheet.

I burrow deeper in my cocoon,
determined to ignore the thump
of the day’s news to my porch,
that would further disturb my sleep.

A nagging reminder comes too soon,
of an insistent bladder. I resist,
with a vow of one less wine tonight,
grudgingly surrender,
and rise to the promise of this day.

Gus Daum




About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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