I looked for beauty in a world grown dreary,
dispirited by a world beyond my control,
the many about me yet unknowing,
marching to their own distant drummer
with its beat of a brighter tomorrow.

I looked for beauty in the dark of night,
the blackness seared into my very soul, broken
only by a moon and ten thousand stars, and
a candle’s flame dancing in a nearby window.
I saw only the deep dense black.

I looked for beauty in the city’s night,
despaired by the chaos of a hundred cars,
spewing their poisons, honking and banging
to pass a bus full of laughing children,
yet untaught of their own dreadful plight.

I looked for beauty in my garden small.
autumn’s brown on summer’s weeds.
I gazed long at a ragged rose bush,
unseeing of a bright rose in blossom,
though this be November’s chill.

I looked for beauty in a church’s choir,
its voices raised in glowing praise;
the harmony rings out and my heart once glad
hears only an off-key tenor voice midst
the blended voices of four dozen more.

I’ll continue to seek, I’ve heard it’s there
from voices serene and secure.
Sometimes I wonder if it’s only mine
whose eyes have begun to blur
to the beauty everywhere— for one in focus..

Gus Daum


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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2 Responses to BEAUTY

  1. LINDA SANCHEZ says:

    Very thoughtful and well written. Love you.

    Linda 🐶



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