The whispering melody flowed from his fingers,
his keyboard answering his command,
painting pictures in my mind — of seclusion.

A lone first leaf of autumn fluttered down,
the leaf a forerunner of those to follow
still reflecting their colors on the still pool below.

A different place, another tree,
standing apart within its cloak
of thousands of leaves, a hundred colors

Mind takes me to a mountain lake,
an eaglet grasping hard the rim of its nest
as its parent demands first flight.

I am alone, but not lonely.
I am in those places.
where my heart had joined oneness
with nature’s beauty and its own quiet music.

Gus Daum

Triggered by a current day artist playing Duke Ellington’s SOLITUDE


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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2 Responses to SOLITUDE

  1. Lovely, Gus. Especially that last stanza.


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