It came as just a gentle tap,
soon became insistent rap,
drew her quite reluctant to the door.

A safety chain kept door ajar,
loath she was to open far,
til she saw the face of her amour.

His visage beamed with such delight.
He long had dreamed of such a sight,
she stood in naught but sheer and ribboned wrap.

His heart beat fast, her lashes flutter;
he stumbled in, begins to stutter,
his impulse would cause a major flap.

“Your father’s usual order here,
a sausage pizza, German beer.
Before you nuke, you must remove the wrap.”

Oh my, he thought, now quite distraught,
she’ll think I sought
to see her bared of inhibitions.

He’s such a dear. His meaning’s clear.
There’ll be a time, have no fear,
when he has met my preconditions.

gus daum


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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10 Responses to WRAP MUSIC

  1. mysticaljoy8 says:

    Adorably sweet, Gus, with a clear rap rhythm. I love it!


  2. oneta hayes says:

    Oh, the innocence of a pizza wrap.


  3. atgillman says:

    thought provoking…you are a gentle story teller Gus.


  4. C Ford says:



  5. allielush says:

    I read your posts and I found myself fond of reading them. They’re all very nice.


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