Some of you can see Julie’s BFF, best female friend Kylie sitting with the rest of Julie’s family. Kylie is the one standing on four paws, her last Boxer on this earth.

There have been a lot of doctor visits for Julie and Kylie over the past four tough months. Through the many examinations and tests for Julie, Kylie was there, and warmly welcomed by several of the medical staffs. In fact, during the final post-surgery days, Kylie and Julie were allowed to share a hospital bed.

Julie and her husband Mike got their first Boxer soon after their marriage in 1973. Thus began a series of love affairs for Julie. Mike says he never had to worry about other men. But at each new home in Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and again in Texas  a new affair began; just to name a few, there was Spike, Hannah, Jenny, Charlie, and finally Kylie. There was always a new love in Julie’s life.

New into marriage and on a tight, tight budget, Julie chose to breed and raise a litter of Boxer pups to sell. While living in a 35 foot 5th wheel trailer in a Texas trailer park another litter arrived, this time there were thirteen.

Kylie is Julie’s last Boxer, and here today while she and we say good bye to Julie.

Unseen today in her final resting place, there are a pair of  “hooker shoes”, five inch platform shoes (“hooker shoes” per a friend) on Julie’s feet. She bought them recently saying, “When I get my new knee, I’m going to wear these!”

Who of us can say this last surgery was not successful? Julie is no longer braving times of severe pain. Her knee is no longer a hindrance.


Gus Daum


Julie is the departed wife of my son, Mike


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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10 Responses to A DOGS LIFE

  1. LINDA SANCHEZ says:

    Well done, dad. It will bring tears to us all, esp. Mike.

    Peace Linda



  2. degus221 says:

    Thanks, Linda.
    As you know, ilt was read at Julie’s funeral by minister, but felt it worthwhile for it to be in “print”.


  3. Dearest Gus – No comment that I could make would ever be good enough. As Linda says, Peace.


  4. MaryJo says:

    Gus, this is a beautifully poignant piece that brings tears to my eyes for your loss. As I dry them, I wonder where is Kylie now?


  5. Beautiful, Gus. I’m sure that Julie would have loved it. Would you like me to include it in your book before it goes live?


  6. Oh Gus! I’m so sorry! This was beautiful… heartbreaking. My deepest condolences. Ann


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