Welcoming a rare April sun filled day,
my coffee and I shared the patio at mid-morn
in relief from the cocoon of rain-free rooms.
The quiet is marred only by distant traffic hum,
and I revel in the back drop of massive trees,
evergreens reaching toward the blue above.

A hidden cricket chirps its presence,
enlivened perhaps by the sun’s warmth
luring us both from hiding in our cocoons.
A single chirp, then quiet, the sun not yet to his liking.

Close by, a hummingbird flits across my view,
his body borne on wings blurring in the air
and a needle like nose searching for pollen
in blossoms to appear at a later time.

A wild turkey adds a louder sound,
gobbling just once, a turkey chortle
from his hidden branch in the evergreens

A large crow struts beneath the trees,
searching the grass for other warming crickets.
Without giving voice, his bird chest thrusts forward
In his slow stride across the greening meadow
as he proclaims his sovereignty over all.

We are never alone in our world that we share
with one another, and the other species of beings.

Gus Daum


About degus221

A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.
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