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A Kansan who has migrated to Oregon.


In Life’s labyrinth, true meaning may be obscured by tempting balloons of wealth and erratic paths. For those who have no clear goals nor sense of self, transformation can only be a product of a vision, in thought and choices … Continue reading

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  High above the Pacific shore, an overlook, a place to hear the barking seals below, and to view the wide expanse of ocean. A fading sun obscured into the horizon, now a faint remembrance on the water. A few … Continue reading

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I was awake a lot last night, tossed about from twelve to three, thinking of  something left undone, just guilty and upset with me. It would have taken little effort then, a phone call would have been nice. A few … Continue reading

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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.     Einstein. Someone must first dream the dream, a vision  well beyond the mundane to inspire others beyond normalcy and reach far into the heavens. It is … Continue reading

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Some of you can see Julie’s BFF, best female friend Kylie sitting with the rest of Julie’s family. Kylie is the one standing on four paws, her last Boxer on this earth. There have been a lot of doctor visits … Continue reading

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Some things touch my heart and restore my touch of humanity: The soft rain of early spring, sprinkling a carpet of yellow daffodils. The cooling rain in summer’s heat lifting steam from sidewalk and path. The bursting colors of flowers … Continue reading

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GEMS APLENTY There were pearls about her slender neck, a garnet graced her arm her eyes reflected sapphire blue I marveled at her charm. The nighttime moon was opal white against the onyx sky. Her lips so ruby red touched … Continue reading

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