Harry and Sue had been long admired, perhaps envied by their friends for their marriage of over thirty five years. He often helped her to her chair in social settings, helped her with her evening wrap, and they clasped hands as they might have in their youth.

They were enjoying their ritual Friday evening dinner at a local restaurant, sips of wine saluting the week’s end. Suddenly a fairy fluttered to their table on gossamer wings.
“I have been sent to you to offer you two wishes”.

Skeptical both of fairies, and such things as fairy wishes, they smiled. The fairy said, ” No, this is for real.” (That’s the way fairies talk these days.) “We’ll start with you, Sue.”

Sue raised an eyebrow and offered a tentative, “Okay, we have always wanted to share a long ocean cruise, haven’t we Harry?”

Zap, two tickets magically appeared in Sue’s hand, each good for a three week ocean/river cruise tour to and within Europe. Sue squealed her delight.

Now, Harry, you’re next.”

He gazed at the tickets in Sue’s hand, carefully avoided her eyes, and said, “I would like to be married to a woman thirty years younger than myself.

Zap, he was ninety two.

Gus Daum

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Be glad for them,
those who have loved well.
Saddened by a lost love
in the healing have loved anew
not in the habits and patterns of the old,
but in the freshness of discovery.

Love of another comes quietly,
not with a flood of emotion,
though that may spring the seed,
one to be planted firmly in mind,
nurtured with kindness and respect,
a welcoming soil in which to grow
to a shared life in togetherness.

Gus Daum

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In Life’s labyrinth,
true meaning may be obscured
by tempting balloons of wealth and erratic paths.

For those who have no clear goals nor sense of self,
transformation can only be a product of a vision,
in thought and choices made
amid the openness of daylight,
and in the serenity brought by a restful moon.

Gus Daum

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High above the Pacific shore, an overlook,
a place to hear the barking seals below,
and to view the wide expanse of ocean.
A fading sun obscured into the horizon,
now a faint remembrance on the water.
A few seconds later, the dark waters
extinguished the last dot of yellow.

The darkening view nearer shore is
dotted by lights on  fishing boats
chugging their way toward home,
stars overhead not yet in full brilliance
that will come within minutes more.

On another shore a continent away,
onyx night has blossomed for the risen moon,
glistening on the water its white light,
luring lovers of all ages to embrace its splendor.

The sky has been transformed by time and distance.

Gus Daum

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I was awake a lot last night,
tossed about from twelve to three,
thinking of  something left undone,
just guilty and upset with me.

It would have taken little effort then,
a phone call would have been nice.
A few words of regret. an apology
for my unwelcomed words of advice.

Her reaction, quick words of anger,
seemed excessive in my view.
Embarrassed in front of friends,
I might have misspoken, too.

Too late now, I think, to make amends,
we don’t see each other anymore.
It’s been so long, many years,
It happened in two thousand four.

Gus Daum

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Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.  

Someone must first dream the dream,
a vision  well beyond the mundane
to inspire others beyond normalcy
and reach far into the heavens.

It is the child who will lead them.
Not the child of our infancy
but the wonder in each of us
deadend in mind by knowledge,
limited though that knowing may be.

It was the child of wonder
that still rests in each of us
to say again: what if, why not
who says. as the child of infancy
once said why, why, why, why?

A dreamer envisioned our feet on the moon,
and knowledge responded to the dream
as its knowing grew to dream’s need..

Gus Daum

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Some of you can see Julie’s BFF, best female friend Kylie sitting with the rest of Julie’s family. Kylie is the one standing on four paws, her last Boxer on this earth.

There have been a lot of doctor visits for Julie and Kylie over the past four tough months. Through the many examinations and tests for Julie, Kylie was there, and warmly welcomed by several of the medical staffs. In fact, during the final post-surgery days, Kylie and Julie were allowed to share a hospital bed.

Julie and her husband Mike got their first Boxer soon after their marriage in 1973. Thus began a series of love affairs for Julie. Mike says he never had to worry about other men. But at each new home in Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and again in Texas  a new affair began; just to name a few, there was Spike, Hannah, Jenny, Charlie, and finally Kylie. There was always a new love in Julie’s life.

New into marriage and on a tight, tight budget, Julie chose to breed and raise a litter of Boxer pups to sell. While living in a 35 foot 5th wheel trailer in a Texas trailer park another litter arrived, this time there were thirteen.

Kylie is Julie’s last Boxer, and here today while she and we say good bye to Julie.

Unseen today in her final resting place, there are a pair of  “hooker shoes”, five inch platform shoes (“hooker shoes” per a friend) on Julie’s feet. She bought them recently saying, “When I get my new knee, I’m going to wear these!”

Who of us can say this last surgery was not successful? Julie is no longer braving times of severe pain. Her knee is no longer a hindrance.


Gus Daum


Julie is the departed wife of my son, Mike

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