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  High above the Pacific shore, an overlook, a place to hear the barking seals below, and to view the wide expanse of ocean. A fading sun obscured into the horizon, now a faint remembrance on the water. A few … Continue reading

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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.     Einstein. Someone must first dream the dream, a vision  well beyond the mundane to inspire others beyond normalcy and reach far into the heavens. It is … Continue reading

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A glowering December sky, cloudbanks in heavy shades of gray, tentative sun peeking through the afternoon’s near dark. Memories intrude of past winters, of wading through hip-high drifts on snow blocked roadways, short miles ahead to hot cocoa. But here, … Continue reading

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Unheard by others, lurking within our subconscious, words and thoughts linger or roil about, creative, constantly creating the attitude and behavior we present to the Universe. Gus Daum

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The plaintive cry falls wasted, if I had only known. It echoes empty in the mind of missteps now long gone. Words misspoke that wounded deep brought tears to one I love so or angered one a near ally and … Continue reading

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If I were someone else, who would I choose to be? I’m the one that I created. I’ll not give up on me. The life I’ve lived was filled with joy, some pain, more love, more care. Where I’ve fallen … Continue reading

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Money’s dollar, euro, yen; mere symbols of value, until bartered away. Minutes, days, months, years; again — symbols only, until time is bartered away. Time can be ruthless in its march. Child’s endless days May move at slothful pace. Youth’s … Continue reading

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